Woodworking Process

All of our raw lumber is milled, cut, sanded, assembled and finished into furniture in-house at our factory in San Pedro, Laguna.

Built to Last

One of the things we are most proud of is that what we build stands the test of time. We still have clients who purchased our furniture 30 or 40 years ago asking us for a simple touch-up on their classic Designs Ligna pieces.



The life of a piece of furniture is in its joinery. We use time-tested joinery methods in our furniture that we proudly show in the final product.

We don’t use nails in our construction. Apart from the precision wood-to-wood joints, we also employ the use of wooden dowels that we make in-house to ensure the durability of everything we build.


Our Craftsmen

The average tenure for senior craftsmen at Designs Ligna is more than 20 years. Our production team is like a small family, with fathers, mothers, sons, daughters, siblings, husbands and wives working with each other under one roof.