Our Material

We work exclusively with sustainably sourced timber from managed forests in Germany that have been properly treated for furniture manufacturing.

Each log of wood is air dried for one year, allowing moisture to be drawn out from the center of the log to the exterior. It is then kiln dried for at least 3 months to bring the moisture content down even further. This prevents the wood from warping and cracking once it is used in production.

Our lumber is Forest Stewardship Council (FSC) certified. Meaning it complies with international standards for sustainably sourced and harvested lumber.


Types of Wood


  • Black Walnut – Our most premium wood specie. The color of this wood can range from an almost gold to a dark chocolate brown. The grain pattern of the Walnut can vary from uniform straight grain to a more decorative wavy crown pattern, depending on the tree. Walnut is also very prone to natural knots that add individual character to the wood.

  • White Oak – A very durable specie of wood, and one of our favorites. The natural color of Oak ranges from yellow to light brown, but staining it in darker colors tends to bring out the grain patterns even more. This specie of Oak is also prone to having a unique “silver” grain that is visible only when viewed from certain angles. Oak is also suitable for outdoor furniture, having similar properties to tropical wood species such as Teak.

  • Ash – One of the most commonly used wood species globally for making furniture due to its’ lightness, durability, and versatility with staining and coloring. The natural color of this wood ranges from almost white to a very light brown and has a very strong grain pattern that is still visible when painted or stained over.

  • Specialty species –You may inquire at Casa Ligna what special wood species we have at the moment. Every now and then we bring in something new that you may find is exactly what you are looking for. Some examples of species we have brought in recently are Elm, Cherry, and Sequoia.