Ed Calma


Ed Calma, a graduate of Pratt Institute and the Columbia University School of Architecture, both in New York, has joined his father’s design company as its design director. His practice of architecture, for twelve years, in New York and work with esteemed designers Carlos Zapata and Peter Pran has honed his skills in architectural design and planning.

Coming home to Manila, Ed Calma has become one of the most sought-after residential and building designers. His works echo his father’s design principles while creating a distinct ‘look’ and ‘feel’ that is all his own.

Even at the beginning of his career, Ed had already garnered an Excellence in Design Award from the Pratt Institute. Other recognitions that followed throughout his career include the Award for Contemporary Kitchen Design in the Overall Sub-Zero & Wolfe Kitchen Design Contest, Gold medal for design at the EXPO 2008 in Spain, UNI Award in Architecture, Gold Medal for the Philippine Pavillion EXPO 2005 in Japan, Top Outstanding Young Men Awardee in the field of Architecture, Young Architects Award from the Progressive Architecture Awards, and exhibition awards from AIA.