Designs Ligna's products made of white ash. Designs Ligna's products made of maple solids.

White ash is best-known as the wood of choice for making baseball bats. Pound-for-pound the strongest of the varieties used by Designs Ligna, it figures prominently in our line of furniture. It is straight-grained, open-pored, and hard with distinctive no taste or odor. While being tough and shock-resistant, it is elastic and possesses excellent steam-bending characteristics. Ash stains beautifully and closely resembles oak because of very similar grain patterns.

Designs Ligna also makes furniture out of maple solids, teak and Philippine mahogany. Part of Designs Ligna’s social commitment is to use only timber from sustainable resources. For close to ten years now, we have been working primarily with North American hardwood sourced from excellently managed sustainable forests.


Veneers used in furniture made by Designs Ligna

Designs Ligna is one of a handful of Philippine furniture manufacturers that can veneer its products in-house. Veneered furniture is often mischaracterized as being inferior to those of solid wood. It is in fact, wood – thinly sliced from round or half logs. Veneering affords furniture designers and producers the ability use of rare species of timber optimally. They allow cabinet makers, for instance, to use strong veneered panels in decorative furniture that might have otherwise featured solid planks of a less stable timber. White Ash, Walnut, and Zebrano veneers are featured in Designs Ligna’s line of furniture.

Indigenous Philippine Materials

Indegenous materials used in furniture made by Designs Ligna.

Aside from wood, leather, and other traditional materials, Designs Ligna enhances its furniture with the beauty of responsibly harvested natural fibers, vines, shells, grass, bark, leaves, and branches indigenous to the Philippines such as, wicker, rattan or malacca poles, abaca and seagrasshand-cut coconut shells, and hand-crushed bamboo